Why Video Games are a Huge Part of my Life!

Video games have always and will always be a huge part of my life. I have been playing them since before I could even walk and I will continue to play them forever. Nowadays video games have changed a lot and money has become a hug factor in every game that is out. For example, Fortnite is the most popular game out right now and has changed the gaming community forever. Fortnite is a fun game and they have offered millions of the owners money to the players and one player in specific won 3 million dollars after he won the world cup and he was 16 years old. I too have won money from Fortnite and other games like Call of Duty. The money that i earned helped extremely and realized how much these games have actually changed my life. They also changed my life because they have brought some of the best moments of my life to me. I have had an extreme amount of fun and competitiveness on video games.

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Fortnite has given up millions of their own dollars to people who play their game. And they continue to keep offering more and more every week. There are solo, duo, trios, and squads tournaments that you can win money on. See this link for more details and to learn more about the game! Fortnite!

Here is a video that explains everything in fortnite and how it has changed the gaming community forever Fortnite Video

Money That I Have Made Off of Video Games
Call of Duty Fortnite Other Games
$75 made off of tournaments $700 made off of tournaments $60 made in total of all others